Dependable Home Rewiring in Newhall

There’s nothing to joke about when it comes to the residential wiring inside your older Newhall home. Older homes have old methods of providing electricity that are out of date and potentially dangerous to your home. Wiring systems that use aluminum wiring or cloth wrapped Romex wiring or a system called knob and tube wiring are older and not meant to handle the power and electricity loads of modern society. If you have older wiring, an older home, and two-holes electrical sockets instead of three-pronged sockets, call My Newhall Electrician Hero.

Experts for 30 Years

We are the home rewiring experts. We have been providing residential rewiring in Newhall, CA,  for more than 30 years. We have been experts in home rewiring and replacing residential wiring and are the only licensed electrician in Newhall, CA, that does this at an affordable level and with qualified electricians who can get the job done right.

Realize the Danger

Old wiring can be a fire hazard. Old electrical sockets without that third hole are not grounded and that means they pose an electrical shock hazard. The old wiring behind the walls can wear out and start a fire that you would not even see until it’s too late.

We Fix the Problem

We show up with honest and friendly electricians who are knowledgeable out how to perform a house rewire without disrupting your life. We move just one room to the next without having to shut off the power inside the home. You won’t have to sit in the dark for weeks! We also don’t have to tear down the walls of your Newhall home because we can rip out the old wiring and install new  residential wiring behind your walls.

Call for an Estimate

The first step is to call us for a free estimate. We get there right on time and provide an honest estimate about how long it will take and what the costs will be. It all depends on the size of your home and how much residential wiring you have to have removed. Call us today!